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Indicative quote 

How can academia actually make an impact on society? We know one thing for sure, more is necessary than simply publishing one's papers. When one wants to become a true thought leader, one transcends the borders of traditional academia. Search for collaborations that transcend the divides between business, government, and universities. Dare to present your insights in creative ways.

The Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics has cutting-edge expert practices. Now it is time to show the world the true wonders of Big Data. For this purpose, more is necessary than simply producing a few films. A consistent, thought-provoking social media presence can aid in attracting audiences and future collaboration partners. Creative Desk offers a whole team of communication experts to translate your science for larger audiences.

Live in. Live out. Experience!

Reference film

The World Economic Forum serves as a prime example.
A mixture between stock footage and high quality interviews is the aim.

The packages

FIlm basic

€ 3000 excl. btw

per film

  • Briefing / Debriefing
  • Visual design & content
  • Shooting with 2 high end cameras - crew - light- sound
  • Editing
This package requires you to make a script yourself and hand it in for autocue in advance
Film Complete

€ 6000 excl. btw

per film

  • Briefing / Debriefing
  • Interview
  • Script writing
  • Visual design & content
  • Shooting with 3 high end cameras crew - light- sound
  • Editing
ultimate package

excl. btw

per film (by volume 25)

  • Briefing / Debriefing
  • Marketing plan
  • Planning & Organisation
  • Interview
  • Script writing
  • Visual design & content
  • Shooting with 3 high end cameras crew - light- sound
  • Editing
  • Post-production
  • Posting

Phase 1


1. Briefing / Debriefing

We need a good briefing: the instruction from you, the client to us, the executioner. The briefing process consists of two parts: (1) the briefing, the question to research/design something, and (2) the debriefing, the feedback from the Creative Desk team that we understood everything correctly. 

2. Marketing plan

Social media can be chaotic without clear goals. The marketing plan makes your dreams, strengths, and goals insightful. It can contain: a SWOT analysis, your marketing goals, your target group, your brand image, your marketing mix, your schedule for planning and tracking and the most helpful social media tools (scheduling and analytics). This will ensure a more systematic approach to your social media. 

3. Planning & Organisation

With over 25 shoots and 25 busy professors, the planning and organization is crucial. In the ultimate package, Creative Desk will take care of the scheduling. Think of the interviews, the locations, gathering the feedback, planning and managing the shoots and communication about social media flows.

Social media campaign for HKU
Trailer prof. dr. Manon Spaander
Aftermovie and design D&I Social Equity for all

Phase 2


1. Set-up and interviews

A standard interview set-up will be made to ensure consistency. Before every interview, we will dive into the specific expert practice of the professor. For every interview, we will take half an hour.

  • Interview template
  • Interview preparation
  • Conducting the interview
  • Processing interview
2. Script writing

Team Creative Desk will translate the 30-minute interview in (1) a social media text and (2) a film script. The preferable length of every film is 1,5 to 2 minutes. These texts will be sent back to the professors for one feedback round. 

  • Writing social media texts
  • Development film script
  • One feedback round
  • Improved film script
 3. Visual design & content

Visual design consists of film and graphic design. Every film requires a (1) large amount of stock images / video and sound (2) a video template with different house style elements and animated texts. For the social media, we also want to include a graphic design template, which can be used to text-based content. 

  • Stock videos & images
  • Sound
  • Video template
  • Graphic design template
4. Shooting

Ideally, we plan a few shooting days. We shoot with 2 to 3 state-of-the art film cameras. We will ensure prepped autocue for every shoot to unburden the speakers. Our camera crew consists of 4 to 6 people who:

  • Construct and deconstruct the film set
  • Prepare lightning, sound, tripods, and lens changes
  • Practice autocue with the speaker

Phase 3


1. Editing

The editing consists of two phases to be most cost- and time effective. First, we share a roughly edited film. Secondly, we invite the person concerned to our studio to finish off the edit in detail. Co-creation will ensure that the finish product is to everyone's satisfaction.

2. Post-production

In the post-production, we further improve the films i.e. colour grading and sound edit. Also English subtitles will be added everywhere. Color correction will make the films more pleasant. And last, but not least, the film format will be adjusted to the social media platforms (e.g. Instagram story). 

3. Social media

Everything is ready and complete for social media. The schedule is made, the visual content is produced, and the accompanying texts are written. This means that everything can be scheduled on the ECDA platforms. 

Colour grading BigMedilytics project