Erasmus University College

Erasmus University College (EUC) is a small public, highly selective, undergraduate liberal arts and sciences college located in the city centre of Rotterdam. It is an honors program of the Erasmus University Rotterdam that started in 2013 in four departments: Economics and Business, Humanities, Life Sciences and the Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Virtual Tour Interactive Manuals Short film

Virtual Tour

Interactive Application Manual

Commencement Ceremony

Department Videos

Virtual Tour

The aim of the virtual tour was to offer international students the EUC experience online. It is difficult to apply to colleges from abroad, therefore we wanted to show the beautiful monumental building and the exciting learning environment it offers. With film, sound and 360 imagery, we made EUC tangible and personal online.

Interactive Application

Clear application manuals are pivotal for the last step in the recruitment process: getting students to apply. These application manuals are often sober documents, lacking a personal touch. In order to change this, we made an interactive application manual with a clear overview, personal photography, useful links and incorporated media.

After experience

EUC has a lively, buzzing community that organizes many events. The experiences of these events do not only set the tone for current students, but also for future ones. Therefore we have documented a plurality of events from the Dies Natalis to the End of Year BBQ to the Graduation Ceremony. These are the moments to capture.

Short clip Kees Vink

Creative Desk has developed several interactive communication tools in order to better reach the international audience online. In this short clip, we introduce you to the basics of Life Sciences at Erasmus University College. Speaker: professor Kees Vink, Head of Department Life Sciences.